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We're changing colours!

Why BLUE and GREEN and what happened to YELLOW?

NF has the power to change the way people look and potentially see themselves.  But beneath the surface we know you are still you - capable, strong and determined to live your best life. As an organisation, we see ourselves the same way – this time we are now dressed in blue and green, the international colours of NF.

It's Complicated:

NF is a complicated condition, so of course it is not going to be represented by one single colour. The unofficial, but now very accepted colours for Neurofibromatosis are blue and green, so by aligning with our international counter-parts, we help ensure greater consistency and therefore recognition the world over.

It's Considered:

We exist to support the NF community. That means understanding their challenges and responding appropriately to address them. Many people with NF experience problems with their vision. Yellow, whilst bright and hopeful, is also a difficult colour to read and presented challenges for this audience.

It's Not Really Gone:

It's important that we evolve as a brand to remain relevant and fresh, but that does not mean doing away with everything that has made us, us - including that iconic yellow. The colour will still remain part of our palette as an accent colour to used as required and of course, on the feet and beak of our Penguin!

It's Community in Action:

We did not act alone. Members of the NF community were consulted during the review process to ensure that the views of those we serve were also represented and we are very grateful for their input and advice.


Blue is a stabilising colour that creates a sense of calm. It is the dominant colour in our palette with both a dark and light variation to represent our strength and reliability, while also giving us a friendly, open feel.  

Green has always represented new beginnings and growth – something we want to use to move the organisation forward in a positive and uplifting way.  

Yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine and hope – certainly something we aspire to achieve for our wonderful community. 

Blue and green should not be seen without a colour in between. 💙💛💚

A huge thank you must be given to the wonderful team at Elevencom who gave their time and talents freely to ensure that our brand maintains a strong, professional edge whilst being sensitive to the heritage of the organisation. 

03 May 2020
Category: News