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Darcy's Story

At present, Darcy has identified global developmental delays with his speech, fine motor and gross motor skills. 

"We see the Paediatrician and Ophthalmologist annually now, as Darcy’s condition is stable at present."

The main fear I have as a parent is that NF is unpredictable and variable, and can predict what his future will hold!"

It is very difficult not to get caught up in the “WHAT IF's” however as a family we try to take every happy and healthy day with Darcy as it comes, and make special memories! 

Darcy is the most caring and loving little human being! He has a heart of gold and a smile that lights up the darkest of days.

He is also very cheeky and loves to get up to mischief with his brother and sister. 

Despite finding some tasks challenging, Darcy puts in endless amounts of effort and will attempt anything and everything until he absolutely nails it… This often results in battle wounds but that still won’t slow him down. Darcy is in grade 2 this year and is enjoying it. 

Darcy has a LOVE for garbage trucks, trains and construction vehicles. He also loves to be outside swimming in the pool, fishing down the creek, riding his bike up and down the close, and playing tennis, basketball and cricket in the yard with his big brother and little sister. 

Darcy was inspired by watching the Cairns Taipans 2019/2020 season and is now playing basketball this year. His favourite player is ‘Space Cam’ AKA Cameron Oliver #0 and one day Darcy would love to be able to slam dunk like Cam!