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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia


keeping families informed at every stage: from diagnosis, treatment and beyond

Managing a complex and unpredictable condition can be stressful and confusing, and we know that no two cases of NF are ever the same.

We want to ensure everyone impacted by NF has access to balanced information to improve health literacy and ensure those impacted can manage this condition through understanding appropriate maintenance protocols and treatments.


We have a wide range of resources, including fact sheets, specialised toolkits, booklets and personalised health management kits.  

These informative tools help address all of the many health issues that can be related to NF.

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information days 

We host free, hybrid information days throughout the year to keep the NF Community updated with new clinical information, research trials and treatment methods.

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Our support team is available Mon-Fri 9-5, to provide non-clinical support and guidance via telephone, email and video call consultations, to discuss individual needs and solutions, or for those just looking for a supportive companion during their journey.

Call us on 02 9713 6111

We understand the NF journey

We know that NF can change at each stage of life and you might not need support for months or even years, but the very nature of NF means that things can change without warning.

Our role as a support service is to be a guide and friend. We adapt as the situation requires it, but most importantly we understand NF in a way that even close friends and family may not. Most importantly, this service is free.

We can step in to help you whenever you need us, and particularly during key periods in your life or your loved ones, such as: Newly Diagnosed | Starting School | Transitioning to adult care | Considering a family

NF News

We share the latest updates on research, trials and treatments across the world, through the CTF website, monthly newsletters (NF round up) and social media channels.

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From time to time, we invite industry experts to join our online information webinars every quarter, focusing on topics of interest to the NF community, ranging from general wellbeing, to specific areas of concern related to the condition.

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Course-based support

When possible, we are able to offer our community the opportunity to take part in facilitated courses spanning a number of weeks, such as the parent support program, Tuning Into Kids (TIK). 

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