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Children's Tumour Foundation

NF Hero Challenge


NF Heroes are the people who live their lives in the shadow of this devastating and often debilitating genetic condition.   

The NF Hero Challenge is an online fundraising campaign that invites men, women and children of all ages to be a hero for the NF community by facing a fear, taking on a physical challenge or giving up something you love to raise funds and awareness of NF. 

Details for the 2020 NF Hero Challenge are still to be released, but here are some challenge ideas to get you started!


While NF is typically associated with the development of tumours – which sometimes challenges their ability to behave as a healthy, active child should - children with NF can face additional hurdles including bone and spinal abnormalities which limit movement and cause debilitating pain. In some cases, the difficult decision to amputate the affected region is sometimes made.  

But, that does not stop them from going out there and giving it a go, adapting and finding their passion and purpose again. What challenge could you take on that pushes you to physically? 

  • Commit to 30 days of AB Blaster or Spartan Training at home 
  • Find a walking track in your area and pledge to add a kilo to your backpack for every $100 raised 
  • Run a marathon, 10km or around the corner. 
  • Commit to swim, cycle or even Kayak the distance travelled to and from appointments every year


It is impossible to predict how mildly or severely someone with NF will be affected.  While most people with NF will never suffer major medical complications, for others the condition can be severe, debilitating and even life threatening. In these extreme cases, we are reminded of what it takes for sufferers and their families to get up every morning and face the dawn, perhaps after years of chemotherapy and experimental treatments.  

Perhaps you have a fear of creepy crawlies, heights or even birds. There is no judgement about what freaks you out, only passion to help you tackle that challenge head on to support your fundraising efforts. 

  • Shave your head or beard 
  • Throw yourself out of a plane or into freezing water 
  • Get a tattoo!
  • Hold a spider, kiss a snake or cover your own head in cockroaches


NF is a life-long condition; however, challenges faced by adults can differ from those facing children. We all have things we love and would be loathe to do without...even for a short time. Here is your chance to support 

  • Give up sugar, alcohol, coffee or all of them!
  • Give up some of your blood and help save a life
  • Give up food for 40 hours
  • Give up warm showers (that will really get on your nerves - like NF)
  • Give up TV or Netflix for 30 days

Details for the 2020 NF Hero Challenge are still being finalised. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Facebook and Instagram @ctfaustralia