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Hi, I am a 13 year old with NF. It has caused many challenges for me and most recently I lost the majority of my vision at age 12. Every $10 donated I will do a kilometre on my tandem bike to a maximum of 100 km. I love my tandem bike as it has kept me fit and makes me able to continue what I love.
*Update* Thank you to my generous sponsors. If we manage to get to $5000 by the end of May, I will do an extra 50km. Stay tuned!

My Updates

14 Jun 2022

Thank you for sponsoring me in this challenge. I have enjoyed riding for CTF. We celebrated with dinner out. I had a calebrase pizza with extra salami. My siblings all ate cheese pizza.

13 Jun 2022

Delicious snack!!

13 Jun 2022

103km all up!!

13 Jun 2022

We did it!! Hooray!!

11 Jun 2022

Hi Everyone, we're still continuing to pump out the kms. Our new total is 83km, we'll try to finish the 100km this weekend. We rode through Athelstone today along the linear park. Very hilly!

22 May 2022

We rode another 14km this weekend to the Victoria Park Wetlands. If you are in Adelaide it is well worth a visit. We are now up to 55km. Thanks to all our generous supporters!

15 May 2022

Hello Everyone, we have now done 41km. Keep checking my page for updates.

14 May 2022

Refuelling for my longer ride, we managed 13.5km.

14 May 2022

My unfit siblings only wanted to do a small ride. We went down the river.

09 May 2022

Keeping track of the kms

09 May 2022

My siblings found a BMX track along the way.

09 May 2022

Mum took some photos of the view

09 May 2022

On Sunday we did another 10km up in the Adelaide Hills. Here are some photos from our ride.

08 May 2022

These are the pizzas Dad made afterwards

07 May 2022

First ride - an exhausting 11.82km! We both had a nap afterwards.

05 May 2022

It was too cold and wet to train today, so I decided to read a book.

04 May 2022

This is us training

04 May 2022

Thanks for all the donations. I am excited for the ride and I will be doing 20 km a day for as many days necessary.

May is NF Awareness Month
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May is NF Awareness Month


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