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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia




Pebbles represents everything the Children's Tumour Foundation aim to offer the NF community - unwavering support and hope for a better tomorrow. 

Pebbles has been lovingly created in partnership with our friends at Kidstuff, who understand, as we do, how important it is that every child living with this devastating condition not journey alone.

Why Pebbles?

Penguins know a good pebble when they see one. 

Scooping them up in their beaks, some species offer their loved ones small pebbles to acknowledge the relationship and show their commitment. 

The Children’s Tumour Foundation offer you our very sweet, plush penguin as a reminder that we are here to support YOU at every stage of your NF journey too.

Size: 20cm in height

Material: Soft polyester plush and a beanie bottom.

Suitable for children from 0+ but supervision is advised for children under 3 years

With Pebbles super soft down and plump behind, you won’t be able to put him down.

This penguin will now replace our old version. Limited stocks available at a discounted rate.