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Open People's Eyes to NF

Open People's Eyes to NF

Boldly wearing blue and green eye shadow is to become the new frontier in fighting NF this May.

No one wants to be judged or feel ashamed of something they have no control over, but for many people living with NF, the visible and invisible signs can be debilitating and have a life-long impact on a person's self-esteem, sense of self and ability to connect with others.

As a result, many will avoid the spotlight or participating in activities that may draw unwanted attention to themselves. This includes make up. 

The process of applying make up can be time consuming, disheartening and distressing, but leaving the house without having some neutral coverage is unthinkable - if only to hide physical differences like lumps, bumps and spots. 

This May, we want YOU to stand out so that people with NF don’t have to. 

Pack away the neutral colour palette and embrace a new, bolder look to help bring NF out of the shadows and spark important conversations online, in the workplace and with friends about what it means to live with Neurofibromatosis.


By getting creative with colours and stepping outside of our makeup comfort zones, we help to broaden the view of what beauty should look like and who should be represented, while also supporting more than 10,000 living with the condition in Australia. 

We want to challenge firmly embedded societal beliefs that equate difference with inferiority and embrace diversity in beauty, particularly genetic diversity. 

Are you with us?

What you need to do

Find yourself some epic looking blue and green eye shadow and start practicing your new look

Film or photograph yourself with your eyes done up in blue and green 

Post to your preferred social media account anytime during May with the #outoftheshadows and tagging us @ctfaustralia

"In support of @ctfaustralia, I am wearing blue and green eye shadow to open people's eyes to what it means to live with neurofibromatosis to help bring NF #outofthshadows this May. Will you join me?"

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