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Pledge to Conquer NF

Pledge to Conquer NF

Obtaining a pledge from federal and state MP’s, as well as local mayors or city councillors is a wonderful way to raise awareness of NF. 

What is a pledge? 

A pledge from an elected official is the first step in bringing NF out of the shadows and recognising the impact this condition can have on a person and their family throughout their life. 

A pledge has power, particularly when the request is made by the very person it affects most, so we are giving you to tools you need to spark a conversation that could help strengthen our advocacy efforts with government in the future. 


We are asking our community to send a personalised letter/email using our free downloadable templates to rally your local, state and federal parliament members to make a pledge as a way to officially acknowledge the challenges faced by those impacted by NF. 

It does not matter if leaders receive more than one invitation from our community to make a pledge, (in fact it would be great) as this activity will demonstrate the real need for members of parliament to take notice of people with NF.   

Once the pledge has been made, the Children’s Tumour Foundation has a real opportunity to go forward seeking a meeting with a signee to discuss real action, thanks to your efforts.  We hope you will see this opportunity as a chance for us to continue working together, influencing change-makers to join us as we work towards a life without limitations for everyone impacted by NF.  

Received a confirmation? we want to hear from you!

Once you have secured confirmation of your pledge, complete the form below to let us know as we would love to share your success with everyone. 

In the event that a ceremony to pledge support is discussed, efforts will be made to connect this with locations lighting up in May in the same city or town to help sure additional media coverage. 

Please complete the form below.

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