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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

Make NF Shine

Make NF Shine

May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month

Make NF Shine is an initiative that brings NF out of the shadows and into the community as part of NF Awareness Month.

By lighting up buildings, monuments and landmarks blue and green on May 17, we put NF in the spotlight and start a national conversation about a condition that has been invisible for far too long.

how you can help make nf shine

2021 will be the first year that Australia will be joining this global movement initiated by the Children's Tumor Foundation in the US.

  • Check dates and locations that are already confirmed below
  • Don't see your town or city? Get in touch and we will work with you to submit a request (if not already done)
  • Post a photo on your social media platforms (or share ours); tag us @ctfaustralia and use the campaign's official hashtag #outoftheshadows

If you see a location that will be lighting up and you would like to help raise awareness of NF in your local area by sharing your story, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at fundraising@ctf.org.au to see how you can get more involved. 



New South Wales (NSW)
  • Luna Park Teeth, Sydney (May 17) (Ferris Wheel is having technical problems)
  • Bankwest Stadium, Sydney (May 17)
  • Clock Face on City Hall Tower, Newcastle (May 17)
  • Big Banana, Coffs Harbour (May 17)
Victoria (VIC)
  • Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne (17 May )
  • St Kilda Sea Baths, Melbourne (16-17 May)
  • La Trobe University - Science drive and Kingsbury Drive, Melbourne (17 May)
  • Melbourne Museum, Melbourne (17 May)
  • Town Hall Clock Face, Ballarat (14-18 May)
  • The Drum Theatre, Dandenong (15-16 May)
  • Sunbury Fountain, Sunbury (17 May)
  • Mooropana Water Tower, Shepparton (17 May)
  • Monash Park Tree, Shepparton (17 May)
  • Riverlinks Building, Shepparton (17 May)
  • The Water Tower Wodonga (16 -17 May)
  • The Catenary, Geelong (17 May)
  • Oak Tree in Sidney Myer Place, Bendigo (17 May)
  • The Conservatory on Pall Mall, Bendigo (17 May)
Queensland (QLD)
  • Victoria Bridge, Brisbane (11 May)
  • Story Bridge, Brisbane (11 May)
  • Reddacliff Place, Brisbane (11 May)
  • Wickham Terrace Car Park Architectural Wall, Brisbane (11 May)
  • University of Queensland (Forgan Smith Building), Brisbane (17 May)
  • Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane (17 May)
  • University of Griffith -Griffith Bridge, Brisbane (17 May)
  • Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane (17 May)
  • Civic Centre, Ipswich (17 May)
  • Queensland Sky Point, Gold Coast (17 May)
  • City Hall Annex, Toowoomba (17 May)
  • Historic Fig Trees on Walker St, Bundaberg (16-17 May)
  • Sir Albert Abbott Administration Building, Mackay (17-23 May)
  • Townsville Sign, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Central Park BoardWalk, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Wharton Reef Lighthouse, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Victoria Bridge, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • George Roberts Bridge, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Old Magistrates Court House, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Flinder's Square, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • Little Fletcher Bridge, Townsville (24-29 May)
  • The Big Mango, Bowen will be lit up digitally (social Media) on 17 May
South Australia (SA)
  • Riverbank Footbridge, Adelaide (17 May)
  • Adelaide Oval, Adelaide (17 May)
  • Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide (17 May)
  • Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (*
  • Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide (17 May)
  • Unley Town Hall, Adelaide (17 May)
  • University of South Australia / Bradley Building on North Terrace, Adelaide (17 May)
  • Centenary Tower, Mount Gambier (17 May)
Western Australia (WA)
  • The Bell Tower, Perth (15-16 May)
  • Perth Council House, Perth (14-15 May)
  • Perth Concert Hall, Perth (15-16 May)
  • Bunbury Footbridge, Bunbury (15-16 May)
  • Rockingham Foreshare, Rockingham (17 May)
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Telstra Tower, Canberra (17 May)
  • Old Parliament House, Canberra (17 May)
  • The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra (17 May)
Tasmania (TAS)
  • Launceston Town Hall, Launceston (17 May)
  • Paranaple Arts & Convention Centre, Devonport (17 May)
Northern Territory (NT)
  • Northern Territory Parliament House Water Feature, Darwin (16-17 May)


When we talk about making NF shine, this is not limited to major buildings and landmarks.

You can also bring this effort to your neighbourhood by lighting up your home in blue and green!

A quick trip to Bunnings can sort you out with a range of easy to exchange lights for the front of your house.

But there are also a bunch of other quick and easy ways to do decorate your home that won't cost the world! 

  • Decorating your driveway or sidewalk with chalk pictures, messages or NF facts
  • Add a car decal to your back window - or even putting up in your front window at home! 
  • Making signs for your windows, home or letter box
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