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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

Our Staff

Our Staff

While the Children's Tumour Foundation (CTF) has significant community reach and remains the only national charity in Australia supporting those living with NF, we are staffed by a small team, who mostly work part-time.  By having a small, agile and cross-skilled team, we ensure funds are invested where they are needed most.




Chief Executive Officer

Leanne has over 20 years of leadership and fundraising experience in the for-purpose sector and is also a mentor and tutor with the Fundraising Institute Australia. She is driven to deliver on the Children’s Tumour Foundation’s objectives to increase awareness, education, support and research for Neurofibromatosis.

In 2022, Leanne was named a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of Australia in recognition of distinguished service and contribution to the fundraising profession.

Email: leanne.dib@ctf.org.au

OUR marketing & fundraising TEAM


Renee Anschau 

Head of Marketing and Fundraising 

Renee is an experienced marketer and confident campaigner with over 15 years of experience in media, marketing, fundraising, event management and digital communications. She has a passion for purpose-driven projects, people and brands that challenge you to think about the world differently. 

She has spent the past 5 years using those skills to protect and support some of the most vulnerable and is now completely focussed on improving the lives of those living with NF in Australia. 

Renee is responsible for the brand health of the organisation, growing corporate and community revenue, as well as overseeing the marketing and communications portfolio. As a mother herself, she empathises deeply with the families wrestling with the implications of such a devastating condition.

She believes that when we know better, we do better and wants to use her time and expertise to elevate the Children’s Tumour Foundation from a little-known charity to a highly recognised and respected national brand. A brand the NF community can be proud of. 

Email: renee.anschau@ctf.org.au

Michelle Olofsson

Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Following a desire to work for purpose, Michelle has been engaged in the non-profit sector for over eight years, connecting important causes with active supporters.

Michelle is grateful to have worked with many wonderful charitable organisations, in various marketing and communications roles, having championed for the support of veteran’s families at Legacy, and promoted the saving of lives through first aid, at St John Ambulance Australia NSW.

Her most recent appointment was in the marketing team at the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in British Columbia, Canada, working across the corporate and community giving portfolio on local and national fundraising campaigns, to increase research and equipment funding.

Michelle is particularly interested in working in the areas of health, wellbeing and medical research and is looking forward to advocating for the NF community for greater recognition of and funding for the condition.

Her qualifications in marketing, experience in brand building and knowledge of fundraising will allow her to enhance the profile of the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

Email: michelle.olofsson@ctf.org.au

Fieke Princee

Partnership Manager

Fieke moved from The Netherlands to Australia in 2016 as an expat to roll out Corporate Social Responsible campaigns for a global corporate benefiting not only her employer, but also the charities and beneficiaries involved. She has an extensive background in sales, marketing, account management, program management and brand. With her skills she can wear many hats. 

After her career in Corporate she moved on to work for a charity as a Partnerships Manager, supporting young people at risk of disengagement from education and poor wellbeing. She worked with passion in this role for four years and was highly successful in building a brand-new portfolio for the charity. 

Knowing what corporates need to be socially impactful and now working on the other side, makes her effective and strategic in her work. Fieke’s pride for the partnerships and cause-related marketing campaigns she creates; the people’s lives she can affect and the organisational changes she makes for corporates where their staff feels more engaged is palpable.  

Fieke is an excellent relationship builder and takes the responsibility of stewarding relationships seriously. She is a strong advocate for her customers and partners, championing the relationships she holds internally and focusing on driving mutual value and partnerships that continue to evolve and stand the test of time. She is quick to identify new opportunities and intuitive in how she fosters connection and manages the process of cultivation. 

Her devotion for the NF Community is big and she finds it important that she makes a difference to others, and this fundamentally motivates her day-in and day-out, driving her forward to be the best version of her professional self.  

This “Dutchie” has a strong passion and positive drive, a capability to work with different teams and is very analytical, always working towards the best outcomes for all involved. She is great at sparking conversations and inspiring new partnerships. 

Outside work, Fieke is often caught still networking and advocating for the CTF. This could be at her local coffee café at the beach, in the surf, hiking mountains or during a horse-riding track. She was a natural-born relationship manager and loves meeting new people.  

Fieke’s aim is to grow the portfolio of corporate partners and private philanthropy, so the CTF can benefit with program continuity and longevity and supporting all involved dealing with this condition so hard to live with. 

Email: fieke.princee@ctf.org.au

Pauline Su

Community Fundraising and Events Coordinator 

Pauline has over 15 years of varied professional experiences. With a background encompassing primary teaching, administration, and entrepreneurship within the events and fashion sectors, Pauline brings a diverse and unique skill set to the table. Her journey has seen her navigate through various roles, each contributing to her multifaceted expertise.  

Beyond her career endeavours, Pauline has had the privilege of engaging with a wide range of communities. From leading volunteer teams to coordinating community events, she's dedicated herself to fostering connections and facilitating meaningful experiences. Her ability to collaborate and coordinate ensures that initiatives are executed seamlessly, leaving a lasting impact on those she serves.

Driven by her passion for community building and her unwavering commitment to social impact, Pauline's journey has led her to the Children’s Tumour Foundation. With a desire to make a difference to people’s lives, she eagerly embraces the opportunity to contribute her skills and expertise to an organisation dedicated to creating positive change. At CTF, Pauline finds fulfilment in aligning her professional pursuits with her personal values and making meaningful gains in supporting Australian NF heroes and their families.

Email: pauline.su@ctf.org.au

OUR support TEAM


Ruth Lindsay

Head of Support Services

Ruth is an experienced case management and community development professional. She has lived in London and Amsterdam and was previously the editor of a leading airline magazine. After having her son in Amsterdam she moved back to Sydney and continued her freelance magazine career; however, when her youngest child started school she knew it was time to make a change and follow her dream of studying social work.  

Before starting at the Children's Tumour Foundation, Ruth worked at an organisation that supported homeless women and children as community development coordinator. She’s a trained parenting group facilitator and is passionate about connecting people, creating communities and encouraging people to tell their stories. Her hope is that every person with NF feels empowered and able to have their voice heard. 

Email: ruth.lindsay@ctf.org.au


Meredith Fannelli

National Support Co-ordinator

Meredith graduated from Sydney University as a Speech Pathologist in 1994 and commenced working in acute adult services at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, specialising in Head and Neck Cancer and Brain Injury. After her return to Sydney, she worked at several large teaching hospitals while simultaneously completing a Masters of Health Administration at UNSW. 

She then transferred to the Community Health sector and managed Frail Aged and Dementia Specific Day Care Centers, Carer Respite Services and Complex Community Case Management Services.  

After the birth of her two children, she transitioned to private enterprise, partnering with her husband in their own engineering business. Following the sale of the company in 2019, Meredith was able to reassess her options and decided to return to a focus of helping others in the community. She became one of our Support Service Coordinators, while also leaving room for her passion projects - volunteering for animal charities (Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and Cat Protection Society). 

The Support Services Coordinator role enables her to utilise her skills and experience in patient/client advocacy, service development and health professional education and training.  She readily admits that she had not previously heard of Neurofibromatosis, but has made it a mission to learn and research the condition and to raise awareness, particularly amongst medical and health professionals. 

Email: Meredith.fannelli@ctf.org.au

Alicia Zadeian 

National Support Co-ordinator

Alicia is a registered nurse, completing her studies at the University of Technology Sydney. On completion, Alicia commenced her new graduate nursing on the surgical and neurology wars at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

During this time, Alicia gained skills in developing therapeutic relationships through effective communication with patients of different cultures, ages and backgrounds whilst providing nursing care in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, patients, and their families. 

While nursing on the wards, Alicia found an interest drug and alcohol and mental health nursing and saw a need to reduce stigma towards these populations and gained experience providing case management. Now completing her graduate studies in drug and alcohol, Alicia intents to maintain her nursing skills, casually working in drug and alcohol and mental health. 

Prior to this, Alicia studied pharmacy hospital services and gained a position as a pharmacy technician in a Perth based hospital, then transferred to Royal North Shore Hospital. She has had over 5 years experience in this role, as well as Senior pharmacy technician where she managed a production unit and manufactured cytotoxic medication for inpatients and cancer outpatients. 

Alicia has joined CTF as she has great motivation to raise awareness for NF to the public, and to professionals by empowering individuals through knowledge. The role of the support service coordinator allows Alicia to utilise her case management skills to provide compassionate care and client advocacy. Working in the health field, Alicia understands the importance of building relationships and providing support to families and hopes to do so at CTF.

Email: alicia.zadeian@ctf.org.au

Lisa Rowling

National Support Co-ordinator

Lisa has over 30 years of paediatric nursing experience. She started her career at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney, initially specialising in Orthopaedics, but has since worked in a variety of clinical settings at the Children’s Hospital Westmead. Nursing has also taken Lisa to Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Lisa has spent much of her time working in in partnership with families of children with chronic conditions, providing support and education and advocating for this vulnerable community. 

While Lisa’s children were young, she transitioned from the hospital setting and has spent the last few years working as a school nurse, supporting students and their families with a range of health and wellbeing issues.

Lisa’s nursing background has given her an insight into some of the unique challenges faced by individuals living with complex chronic health conditions as well as the impact on families.  She looks forward to working alongside and the Australian NF Community, helping to raise community awareness, provide support, information and connection.

Email: lisa.rowling@ctf.org.au