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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

South Australia Day Camp


The Children's Tumour Foundation organised the inaugural NF Community Day in South Australia on April 14, 2024, bringing together 60 NF community members at the Woodhouse Activity Centre in Adelaide. With support from the Moriarty Foundation, the event aimed to foster connections among families and individuals living with NF (Neurofibromatosis) while providing valuable information and support. 

Activities included accessible options and a 2-hour parent workshop led by the CTF’s Support Services Team, focusing on enhancing well-being and empowering parents to advocate for their and their child's needs. Despite being South Australia's first live event post-pandemic, post-event survey feedback indicated successful achievement of goals in creating connections, education, and well-being. 

Participants praised the relaxed and organised atmosphere, appreciated the support from the CTF staff, and valued the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges and joys associated with NF.

There are so many things still unknown about NF and there are limited treatment options for a lifetime disease. The education and community support provided by the CTF is so good. We would be lost without them.”

Community day attendee

The overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores the significance of our camps in nurturing connections, delivering valuable education, and improving well-being. Participants express appreciation for the supportive environment and the chance to connect with others confronting similar challenges. Based on survey feedback, 100% of respondents said they would return to the event again and most importantly, it improved their wellbeing.

We were so glad we attended the NF Community Day. It was a wonderful opportunity for our family to connect with other families on a similar journey. We had never met any other families or individuals with NF before the Community Day and after the event we feel like we now have a whole community of people in our home town. 

The CTF staff have been so supportive as we have navigated the diagnosis of our child, so it was wonderful to meet them in person and for the to facilitate this wonderful day for us. Our little NF Hero loved this activity day and it provided an opportunity for him to see that he was not alone in his diagnosis. He was beaming the whole time and for hours after we left. It was such an amazing experience. 

Thank you CTF for all that you do raising awareness and supporting those with NF.”

Community Day attendee

13 May 2024
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