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It’s nearly the start of the school year, an exciting and emotional time in households around the country. We have created a Back-to-School Kit to help kickstart conversations between you and your child’s school, as we hope that every child with NF can make the most of their learning experience in 2022.  

Up to 80% of children with NF1 will have learning and behavioural difficulties, and teachers play an essential role in aiding their learning and development, which is why we designed expert-reviewed-resources for you to give to your child’s school and teachers.  

This time of year is often filled with emotions, so it’s a good time to get in touch, whether it’s for a chat, some guidance, or to access resources. We welcome you to reach out to ensure the school year starts as smoothly as possible.   

Our national support team is available and can be contacted via email (support@ctf.org.au) or phone on (02) 9713 6111. They offer a range of services and are available to help support you support you child

Approaching your child’s school can be daunting, but these resources are designed to get those conversations started so that everyone is on the same page and understands the impacts NF can have on a child’s school experience. 

Below are some of the resources and services we offer completely FREE of charge. 


Teacher's Toolkit  

This document is designed to educate and inform teachers about the impact of NF on a young person’s learning and development, while also providing strategies to help them at school. The kit covers topics such as an overview of NF and simple strategies to manage affected areas of learning including behaviour, motor skills, visual perception, executive functioning and more. 

Executive Functioning Resource

Executive functions are innate skills that we use every day at home, school, out in the community and in the workplace. They are the combined set of cognitive abilities that help allow us to set, plan and execute tasks. This includes impulse control, emotional control and working memory among others. 

Children who struggle with executive functioning will often have trouble paying attention, organising and completing tasks, and shifting focus from one task to another. 

This resource has been developed as we know it is important that teachers understand how NF can impact a child’s executive functioning to aid their learning. 

Addressing Attention Difficulties Resource 

Learning difficulties represent one of the most common and challenging complications of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), which can be exacerbated by difficulties with attention including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

This info sheet explains to teachers how they can better support children with NF and attention difficulties. 

Neurofibromatosis Information Brochures 

We can offer a range of general NF brochures and resources to help inform teachers, family and friends. 

Support Letters 

Our national support coordinators can work with you to write a letter of support, which includes info about NF and how you can work as a team to support your child throughout the school year. The letter can be offered alongside our education resources mentioned above. 


Remote Learning Strategies 

For those that are choosing to home school or live in a part of Australia where remote learning has been announced, we also have a blog post on our website, which was complied by the NF1 Learning Clinic Team at Westmead Children’s Hospital. CLICK HERE 

NDIS Support  

While the NDIS does not directly support learning and education as this has been determined to be the realm of the education department(s) there are activities and therapies children can access that will also benefit their learning and engagement in the school environment.

Our national support team can discuss what options might be available for your unique circumstances and can guide you while you navigate the NDIS. 

You can contact a member of our national support team by calling 02 9713 6111 or by emailing support@ctf.org.au 

All of us here at the Foundation are wishing your family a wonderful 2022 school year. 



24 January 2022
Category: News