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I have registered to CONQUER NF IN COLOUR!

On Sunday 13 November, I will be running a gauntlet of blue and green chalk in support of the Children's Tumour Foundation and families impacted by neurofibromatosis (NF).


NF is a lifelong genetic condition that causes tumours to form around nerves, under the skin and deep in the body.
Progressive and unpredictable, these tumours can lead to physical differences, blindness, deafness, learning difficulties, chronic pain, and scoliosis and in 10% of people living with NF, they can become cancerous.

There is no cure and treatment options are limited.

I have a goal to raise $500 to support the Children's Tumour Foundation and their vision of a life without limitations for everyone living with NF.

As the only non-clinical service provider, the CTF work to ensure anyone regardless of location, NF type or financial position can access balanced information and personalised support free of charge, while also enabling important connections with community and healthcare professionals.

In addition to helping provide practical support for those impacted (as well as their families), your donation will help fund promising research to improve treatment options, and eventually lead to a cure.

I believe that tumours should never be a child's normal, so please help me reach my goal by making a tax-deductible donation.

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