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Charlie & Lachies Shave for NF

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Charlie and Lachie are joining the fight against Neurofibromatosis (NF) by cutting their hair and raising funds in support of the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia (CTF).

Charlie was diagnosed with NF1 in 2012 and an Optic Glioma (brain tumour) in 2013. He as undergone 12 months of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, blood tests, platelet transfusions, MRI’s, brain surgery, anaesthetics and the list goes on. Lots of time has been spent at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Ballarat Base and many kms have been travelled.

NF is a genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow on the nervous system, including the brain and spine. It is a cancer predisposition syndrome that is progressive, unpredictable and currently there is no cure.

Every day, children and adults are forced to fight a foe they can sometimes neither see, hear or even feel, but it is attacking their body from the inside out - without warning and without remorse. They face a life of uncertainty and anxiety; forced to fight tumours that can cause blindness, deafness, bone abnormalities, physical disfigurement, learning difficulties and cancer.

They have a goal to raise $1000 to support the Children's Tumour Foundation's investments into research, specialist clinics and educational resources, as well as support programs that will lead to improved health and life outcomes - and eventually a cure.

For Charlie to actually cut his hair and talk about doing it for NF is a very big thing as he never wants to speak about his condition.

Charlie and Lachie have been friends since birth and Lachie has travelled this road with Charlie all the way.

Thank you.

Charlie & Lachies Shave for NF has 100 supporters