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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

2021 Christmas Appeal

Will you hang a bauble of hope on our tree for people with NF?

Will you hang a bauble of hope on our tree for people with NF?


There is only 1 dedicated charitable authority in Australia offering vital support services for people with neurofibromatosis (NF), and that is your Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF). 

It's the Foundation's support team that are there advocating day in and day out at various levels, particularly Government, to ensure NF is on the agenda and front of mind when funding opportunities come to light. We are collaborating with hospitals and specialists on behalf of all people impacted by NF. We are building relationships with researchers across Australia, looking at how the funds we raise with your help can support new and existing research projects. 

Throughout FY21 our National Support Team was there for over 400 families with more than 800 phone hours accounted for and a whopping 1,444 support interactions.  

In 2022 we will once again be able to connect families with NF with each other with NF camps and events in the planning.

Quite simple, without the Children's Tumour Foundation, much of this activity would cease. There is no other organisation in Australia set up to offer what we offer. And what we offer is vital to so many families.

When a family needs us to advocate on their behalf, we do so as if it were our family.

When parents and carers need support navigating their NDIS rights, we are on their team.

When a child with NF starts school, we have the tools to help their teachers understand how they can thrive in a learning environment.

When a family gets that first diagnosis, we are there to support them through the emotional impact.

There are costs associated with all of this activity and that's why we are calling on you this Christmas with a very simple, incredibly important appeal - support our support services.

Can you help us ensure our support services will continue to be there for children like Jack (pictured), who was diagnosed just this year? Jack’s parents don’t know what the future holds, but they trust that we will always be just a phone call away.

Will you be inspired by the infectious positivity of Anusha (pictured)? A young NF Hero who has found lots of new friends through CTF facilitated camps.

Provide hope for the more than 50,000 people in Australia who love, care and advocate for someone with NF with the support of CTF.

This Christmas our goal is to raise $50,000. Every dollar will be directed toward CTF support services, the core of our organization and a help line for thousands of Australian Families.

Hang a bauble on the Children’s Tumour Foundation’s virtual Christmas tree this holiday season. Do it for yourself, your family, your workplace or as a virtual gift for someone else.

Make a donation this year for the 10,000 Australians living with NF who count on CTF.


Thanks to our supporters