Now that you’re ready to launch your fundraiser journey, or if you’ve already started and are looking for some tips to boost your campaign, here are some tools you can download to help kick start and maximise your fundraising success!

Getting started

This is everything you need to help you get your fundraising idea off the ground, from tips to help you plan your event, to the application process to make sure your fundraiser receives official charity endorsement.

Letter templates

A key part of your fundraising campaign will be communicating with people and asking them to support your efforts. Here are some templates you can customise in your ask for support.

This letter is for anyone who is fundraising for CTF and either has NF or has a friend or family member with the condition. Inspire others to support your cause by sharing your personal story or connection to NF.

This is a great way to get in touch with your supporters a few weeks or days away from the end of your fundraising campaign to remind them to act and support your efforts with a donation. 

Social media

Connect with your supporters online through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some quick tips for making the most use out of social media to raise funds and awareness.

Contacting media

Generating interest through your local newspaper or radio station is a great way to raise awareness, promote your fundraiser, and encourage participation and support in your community. Here are some tips for contacting your local media.


CTF has merchandise branded with the Foundation’s logo and iconic penguin and daisy symbols. These can be purchased to use or sell at your fundraiser, or for your own use to raise awareness among your family and friends. Download this form to find out more about costs and to place your order.

Event wrap-up

We would love to hear how your fundraising event or activity went so we’ve created a form to make it easy for you to provide your feedback and wrap-up summary. Also included is a space to record the details of anyone requiring a receipt for their donation.