Become A Corporate Partner

The Children's Tumour Foundation is hugely reliant on the generosity of its corporate supporters. Without them, our work within the NF community would be impossible.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits for organisations when donating or getting involved with a charity like the Children's Tumour Foundation.

These include: Brand impact, profile and recognition, unrivalled expertise, media relations, the opportunity for networking, sharing expertise, volunteering opportunities and the real chance to make a difference.

Our entry level corporate partner packages are very cost effectvie with the added advantage of adding to or creating a wonderful CSR program.

Ways to support us

There are a variety of ways in which companies can support the Children's Tumour Foundation including sponsorship of research projects, equipments, support programs, fundraising events and advertising.

The opportunities for your company to get involved with CTF are diverse and include:

  • Cause related marketing – CTF offers a unique opportunity to leverage trust, build customer loyalty and acquire new customers through an alignment with our cause.
  • Sponsoring an event or project – CTF delivers a number of high profile events, offering a great vehicle for your organisation to enhance its profile and differentiate their brand by aligning with a charitable cause. 
  • Payroll and matched giving – is a great way for an organisation to demonstrate they care about their employees and the communities they live and work in. CTF is registered with Good2Give, a workplace giving program helping to facilitate corporate giving to over 1300 charities. For more information visit the Good2Give website.
  • Staff participation and engagement – CTF has a number of ways staff can engage with its fundraising and community events that have an impact on people living with NF.  Staff engagement is a great way to inspire productivity, develop teamwork and enhance leadership.
  • Gift in Kind and pro-bono services – gifts of product or professional services  help CTF to lower costs so more money can be directed to our support services and world-class research into NF.

We then have long term partnerships that cover all of these in one agreement, which ultimately offeres the best value.

Find out more

For more information please contact our CEO, Derrick Hubble (