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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

NF Community Advisory Panel

NF Community Advisory Panel

The Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia (CTF) has established an NF Community Advisory Panel to provide guidance and advice on the services provided by the CTF to all individuals and families impacted by Neurofibromatosis (NF).

By having community engagement through this forum, the services provided by the CTF will be aligned with the needs and expectations of the NF Community.

What is the role of the Panel?

The NF Community Advisory Panel assists the CTF with the following:

  • Ensuring the diverse views of the broader NF community are heard and considered when decisions are being made by the CTF team;
  • Provide advice on the development and implementation of new and revised community information, programs and events;
  • Advocate for effective support services in line with the CTF’s strategic goals; and
  • Promote the work of the CTF across appropriate channels.

New NF Community Advisory Panel members will be announced each year in July.


We invite applications from interested community members to join our NF Community Advisory Panel once per year. 

Find out more about the role of Panel members here.