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NF Clinic Update

Due to increased pressure on our hospitals as a result of  COVID-19, and with the best interests of NF patients in mind, our NF clinics are adapting how they deliver services. For non-urgent/routine appointments many are moving to a “telehealth model” which reduces any additional risk of virus exposure associated with travelling to and attending a hospital at this time.

Additionally, non-urgent diagnosis and scan appointments may be rescheduled for later date. It is also expected over the coming weeks that some of our specialists and nurses will be seconded to frontline roles as the Covid-19 virus peaks. So please be patient during this period as these changes will require everyone to do their bit. If you have an existing appointment, the respective NF Clinic will contact you proactively, with as much notice as possible, to inform you of any changes to appointments and scheduled care.

 If you have an URGENT situation, please contact the clinic or your specialist directly.

If you have an URGENT situation, please contact the clinic or your specialist directly. 

If you are a NEW patient to a clinic, they will add your details to their respective waiting lists. Only URGENT cases will be seen at the hospital.

To assist you and to ensure our hospital clinics are not overloaded at such a critical time, CTF  welcomes Natalie back from maternity leave. This means we now have additional hours available to support you through this difficult period in any way we can. Our entire support team can be accessed in the usual ways by email at support@ctf.org.au or by calling 02 9713 6111.

If you would prefer a call back from a particular person (Natalie, Ruth or Meredith) just leave a message and they will endeavour to return your call within one business day; however, they work part-time hours so another member of the team may follow up first. We are also going to be trialling new ways of doing things (e.g. using online meetings) so keep an eye out for details about new ways to engage with us, coming soon. 

 current status of nf clinics

Royal Melbourne Hospital (Adult NF Clinic)

NF patient appointments that are non-urgent /routine have moved to telehealth or telephone services and patients will be contacted in advance by clinic staff to assist them in this new process. This status will remain in place until COVID-19 emergency status has been lifted. The current expectation is that this will not change until at least late May / June.

If you have an URGENT reason, please contact the Department of Neurosurgery on 03-9342 8959 or 03 9342 8218 or call RMH switchboard on 03-9342 7000 and ask to speak to the Neurosurgery Registrar on call. New patient referrals will be assessed and either added to Waiting List or an appointment made if deemed urgent. 

We know that we are a community that helps each other in times of need, so please keep connecting with each other and us if you need support. You can also stay up to date with the latest developments by following us on Facebook or Instagram @ctfaustralia. We are also working hard to improve our website and hope to be able to release that over the coming months, with richer content and an easier way to find resources. 

Don't forget, we are available Mon-Fri from 9.30am - 3.30pm on 02 9713 6111 (option 1) or by email support@ctf.org.au

30 March 2020
Category: News