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Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia

New Headquarters Launch

Launch held to celebrate CTF at Ardill House

Early in December we officially launched the Children’s Tumour Foundation Headquarters at Ardill House. It was a momentous occasion to celebrate the beginning of a brand new chapter. Families, friends and supporters from across Australia joined us on the historic grounds in North Strathfield, NSW.

Our CEO, Leanne Dib, hosted the event which saw our Chairperson Peter Dowding, Fiona Martin MP, Dr. Geoff McCowage and our wonderful ambassador, Janu, each share a special congratulations to the many individuals that have made our move into the new offices possible. Including first and foremost the Ardill House Society who have so generously welcomed us and Fiona Martin MP who put us in touch. 

Also joining us was Dr Mike Freelander, Federal Member for Macarthur and Chairperson of the Foundation's Medical Advisory Panel, Associate Professor Mimi Berman.

It was also an opportunity to formally thank Shelly Lynde, Kirsty Whitehead and other members of the NF community who helped us secure the funding to support our move, plus additional staffing to help us reach our vision of a future without limitations for everyone impacted by NF. 

Ardill House is a wonderful building which has a rich history. This building was built in 1860, and years later was purchased and donated to the Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children. The Society came together with Mr George Edward Ardill, and this is where the name Ardill House stems from. In more recent years, the Ardill House Society works to allow not for profit organisations with a children’s focus to move into the space over the years.

Thank you to all that made our launch so special, and to the people we work alongside for trusting us to be your charitable authority within the Australian NF community.

20 December 2021
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