The Unbreakable Aussie Spirit

NF News / 20 Jan 2020

A letter from our CEO

The holiday season should be a joyful and revitalising time of year; a chance to celebrate and unwind, but instead these last few weeks (indeed months) have been anything but that.

Australia has always been considered a sunburnt country, but right now it is simply burning, and our hearts break for the families who have lost loved ones, homes, animals and livelihoods. The scorched earth will regenerate over time, but what cannot be reclaimed are the 21 lives lost and the millions of our native wildlife, with some species facing the very real threat of extinction.

It has been heart-wrenching to watch, but where there is darkness, there is also light, and at its core is an unbreakable Aussie spirt. We salute the heroic efforts of our firefighters, RFS volunteers, emergency services, wildlife warriors and everyday Australians who have put their lives on hold (and on the line) to help keep us safe. Their service to us epitomises the very best of humanity.

We acknowledge the important work of organisations on the ground picking up the pieces and keeping our first line of defence on their feet. Their work is vital both now and in the future as people start to rebuild their lives and their homes while also dealing with the emotional scars of surviving such a disaster.  

During this time of healing, we choose to stand with them too, supporting their efforts and allowing people time to process the impact of this crisis. We admire the ingenuity of initiatives like the empty esky campaign, the simple necessity of knitted pouches for orphaned animals and understand that in situations like these “every little bit helps”.

We recognise there may be some within the NF community who have been directly or indirectly affected, so we wanted to take this moment to remind you that our team are here to assist if and when you need it. We have also updated our website and provided links to sites that can keep you informed about all of the latest information and other practical services on offer by government and other charities.

We appreciate that the bushfires are foremost on everyone’s mind right now and hope that the recent rain continues to fall where it is needed most. We also wish to thank you for your ongoing support in these difficult times.

Louise Skilbeck, CEO