We are proud to announce our very first ambassadors for the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia, Melanie and Eddie Listorti!

Melanie and Eddie Listorti have been long time supporters and benefactors to Children's Tumour Foundation on behalf of their 10 year old daughter Anna. 

Most recently, the Listorti's, along with CTF Chairman John Hughes, made a commitment of $50,000 each for 3 years - a total of $300,000 - to establish and develop the NF Centre for Translational Research at Royal North Shore Hospital on behalf of the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia.

Minister for Health Brad Hazzard has welcomed the $300,000 donation to Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH).

This clinic will specialise in the treatment of complex medical problems related to Neurofibromatosis (NF) and serve as a hub for NSW Health to advance patient care. This Centre will assist in ensuring better diagnosis and care for NF sufferers across NSW hence it is a critically important initiative. Genetics department head Dr Yemima Berman said extra support for patients and medical research was very welcome.

“This generous donation will help us to continue to grow our service to help NF patients who are facing life with a very tough disease,” Dr Berman said.

Donors Melanie and Eddie Listorti said they hoped their support would make it easier to help patients.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to support the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the work being carried at out Royal North Shore Hospital,” they said.

"It has been our great honour and privilege to be recognised as Ambassadors of CTF and we hope that from our contributions and the many, many others that have done the same, that there will be some benefits, relief and hope to sufferers of NF. Everyday we witness first hand what it is like living with NF. The anxiety, fear of the unknown, constant monitoring, untold doctors appointments and scans. Then there are the daily emotional impacts on our daughter of not feeling normal, because she lacks the skill sets most kids take for granted, and just wanting to feel accepted at school. Then it’s topped off with all the related physical issues that make her life so tough.

We have the utmost sympathy and respect for all families living with NF and we are reminded frequently how fortunate we have been to have met and become friends with many of them. So many times we have heard and seen the stories of bravery, selflessness, acceptance and innocence from the sufferers and their carers. This has only encouraged us to accept, love and help as much as we can.

It is important for us to acknowledge the CTF Chairman , John Hughes and all the team at the Children's Tumour foundation. They have given us hope and encouragement to stay committed and help in any way we can. We admire all of their work along with the research and dedicated teams at RNSH under Dr Mimi Berman.

We are hopeful that if people continue to be generous with their time and money and give with open hearts that one day there will be a cure for NF. Rest assured, if that was the case the feeling that prayers have been answered will be overwhelming."

Derrick Hubble, CEO of the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia, praised the ongoing support of the Listorti family, noting that there are no better canditates to become the first official ambassadors for the CTF.