We aim to support those with NF, raise awareness and promote research. Advocacy is an essential element of achieving our goals for the members of the NF community on both an individual and systemic level.

There are several different types of advocacy which may be needed to help #conquerNF:


Being your own advocate is often challenging, but rewarding. Sometimes, it will be necessary for you to speak up and represent yourself, for example, at your GP appointments, or even in contacting our support coordinators for help.


Having an advocate to take action in your best interests on your behalf. This can include providing information and advice to allow you to advocate for yourself, taking other actions as required, for example, speaking with your health care providers.

Our support coordinators can talk with you about how best to speak up and get your needs heard, provide information and resources and speak with health professionals or teachers about NF.


Similar to individual advocacy, but in relation to a group. For example, all those attending a certain clinic or members of a support group.


This relates to social change by advocating to changes in law, policy and practice. This can include lobbying politicians, campaigning and raising public awareness towards an inclusive/equitable community.

CTF will be seeking ways to engage with communities, governments and other bodies as appropriate to advocate for the NF community


From time to time CTF will be involved with or made aware of campaigns and other opportunities to have the NF community voice heard.

Below we will list current opportunities as they arise, for you to advocate with us for the NF community. Check back regularly for updates.

Advocate Now!