NF Heroes

At the Children’s Tumour Foundation we are inspired by the stories of those impacted by NF. Adult or child, NF affects all walks of life, and behind every person diagnosed is a different story filled with hopes and fears, challenges and achievements, and a message of strength and optimism – these are the stories of our NF Heroes.

Sharing your NF story may help you learn to cope with a diagnosis, whether it is you or a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with NF. Your story can provide hope and strength to someone who is struggling with their diagnosis or facing similar challenges, and maybe even inspire them to share their own NF experiences.  Your story helps our fundraisers and supporters understand the needs of the NF community and helps to inspire giving to fund our work.

Please use the form below to submit your story. A friendly CTF staff member will contact you by email to confirm receipt and obtain approval of the text and use of your story.


Read about some of our NF Hero stories below.