2018 Christmas Appeal


Macy was just 18 months old when she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF). Like most people, her mum Suzannah had never heard of NF and listened in horror as the doctor explained that tumours could potentially grow throughout her toddler’s precious body. 

Whilst Suzannah hoped Macy’s case of NF may be mild, unfortunately it was not to be. At just 3 years old, after being constantly lethargic and fatigued, Macy was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours. She had lost partial mobility down the left side and was scheduled for brain surgery. However, the harsh reality for many NF sufferers occurred, and surgeons were unable to remove the tumours due to the risk of paralysis. Since then, Macy’s only option has been to fight this disease by undertaking constant rounds of chemotherapy. 

Despite everything she has been through, Suzannah says “Macy remains positive, hilarious and determined!”.

But there is hope. Australia has some of the best doctors and research teams in the world, who work hard each day to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Suzannah’s Christmas wish is that all families affected by NF have access to the latest information, best healthcare and treatment options. Her hope is that one day soon, a cure will be found.

The Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF) provides vital funding to enable these experts to continue their research. At the same time, we provide the practical support needed to assist families, like Macy’s, in their everyday struggle. This support includes providing specialist clinics, connecting sufferers to appropriate health services, educating GP’s and providing social opportunities, like family camps, so that these children can feel “normal” and families can make vital support connections.

This Christmas, please show Macy and Suzannah that they are not alone. 


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