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The Children’s Tumour Foundation is a patient advocacy and support service for everyone impacted by NF.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) refers to a group of rare and complex genetic conditions that cause tumours to form on nerves throughout the body.

NF can lead to a range of significant health issues such as deafness, blindness, physical differences, bone abnormalities, learning difficulties, itch, chronic pain and even cancer.

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a child is born with NF in Australia
of cases have no family history of the condition 
people are living with NF in Australia 

Moving towards a future free from tumours

Those living with NF face significant health issues, struggle to find the right diagnosis, get access to the right treatments, and sometimes face discrimination, stigma or even exclusion.

Our vision is a life without limitations for everyone living with NF.


Addressing immediate needs

Beyond the need to treat the physical symptoms of NF, we create opportunities to learn and to come together in safe and supportive spaces.

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Leading change for a better tomorrow

NF is progressive, painful and unpredictable. Our goal is to make life more equitable for those living with this complex genetic condition.

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Giving hope for a future free from tumours

We are one of Australia’s leading charitable contributors to NF research with millions of dollars invested into key projects through on-going advocacy efforts and direct funding.

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Nine-year-old Sol is kind, funny, loves reading, playing with lego and illustrating. He is also a twin, though despite their many similarities, there is one key difference.  He has Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and his brother, Leo, doesn’t.

Sol relies on many allied health professionals to address a wide range of issues, from learning difficulties, speech impairments to low muscle tone and fatigue. He will likely need this support for the rest of his life.

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Ten-YEAR OLD tOM navigatES school and emergency surgeries

Tom Smith is a resilient 10-year-old boy. His journey with NF began at just six months old when his family noticed one of his pupils was larger than the other. After a long journey, he was finally diagnosed at age two.

 Tom has endured a lot in his 10 years including two emergency surgeries to relieve extreme pain caused by a rare tumour impacting his facial bones and jaw. This tumour has caused facial differences that Tom is learning to accept with the help of a psychologist.

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The NF1 Project aims to improve the understanding of how genetics affects the number of skin neurofibromas and how to treat skin neurofibromas in the future.


Australian first Neurofibromatosis Health and Social Impact Assessment launched in June 2024.


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